Excellent! I've used them in the past.  I really love this company, will use again,

they do great work!

Andrea F.

The owner, JB, is extremely personable and very down to earth.  In addition, I received

the benefit of helpful advice on what other jobs might need to be done and how

to prioritize my next repair and improvement projects. …I really felt like

my job mattered, and because this is not always the case when hiring a

contractor, I appreciated that.

Angie K.

I used him because he seemed knowledgeable and provided the service I needed more than

just telling me what I wanted to hear.

Jamie V.

The service was excellent and the individual was very professional.  Would definitely use again.

Michael P.

JB was great. He provided photos of similar previous jobs, and was completely open to our

input and preferences. We provided a basic drawing of our dream patio to begin

with, and JB nailed it. We are very happy with the finished product and the

overall experience.

Kevin S.

We are very VERY happy with their work, their price and the hands on service by JB. 

We would highly recommend them.

Karin S.

We contacted JB at Commonwealth Renovations to get new siding on our house.  The

thing that I liked about JB is that there was no sales pressure.  He

provided a competitive quote, and did not pressure me into signing a

contract “right now”, or giving 10% off for signing today or some other

annoying sales tactics.  He came over to our house, explained the

work that he would do and gave an offer.  He was on time, removed

his shoes coming in.  All things that I appreciate – showed respect…I feel

that with Commonwealth Renovations, you are getting great value.  You

are not paying for teams and teams of marketing people, layers or

management, but actually for the work being done on your house – and

quality work at that. 

Anna A.

It was a great experience working with Commonwealth Renovations. I was so relieved to talk to a

professional who had the knowledge of what needed to be done and how to fix the

issue correctly.

Nicole J.

One of the great things about Commonwealth, that impressed me is that they didn't come

out and try to rush through the job.  They were more concerned with the

quality of their work, than rushing to get it done. What stood out to me was

their experience in the business.

Mary Ellen F.

word on the street says...

(804) 216-0431